Most memorable experience in Pramuka OASE term-1 2020

Although 2020 started off with quite alot of ups and downs and might still continue putting us in these obstacles, the time I spent doing various activities in the short time of the first OASE Pramuka term with friends was sure to spice up the beginning of a year long jorney we’ll be facing ahead~

The activities included were:

~ Multilateral
~ Floor plan design & Quick drawing
~ Phone photography & videography
~ Story writing

Personally the multilateral exercise was one that stuck with me the most.. It may sound ironic for me at first since I’m not one to fancy doing things that involves stretching, running or just generally moving my body alot of the times

But perhaps maybe because of the reason I stick with being a couch potato a bit too much, experiencing the great feeling of sport exersize made me feel very refreshed and I genuinely enjoyed every step of the way~

The warm ups that coach Oki thaught (our mentor for multilateral) were full of motion and dynamic. generally to my knowledge isn’t the common start up type warm up that I do most of the time.

But thanks to him, I understood each and every benifit the movements hold, and how important they are. I lead warm ups in my aikido class once in a while and will definitely share this to the others if I get the chance 😀

So future activities that I’ll be looking forward to seeing the most?

For now I’ll be hopping into the sports and exersize bandwagon hehe.. They’re great refreshments and a good challange for myself to get my body up and moving. Hope to have more fun activities and games in the up coming terms!


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