Blue bell Forest, The tiny Magical Wonderland

In the midst of easter, the sun shines brightly over the lush of blue, purple tinted flowers that have sprout carpeting the ground with its enchanting presence inside a small forest of Oxfordshire, UK.

As I stood in front of the gate, my heart immediately fluttered as my two eyes catched a glimpse of the other world beyond. Hands tied close with the camera, and my feet took its first step inside. Looking back, I remember not being able to visibly stop smiling, as if a blind child had just been blessed with vision, I didn’t know I’d have the chance to see such beauty in the world.

Suddenly a voice called out to me

“Trisha I swear! You’re just taking pictures every second!”

Irfan, my younger cousin exclamated with his cute and squeaky tone as we laughed it out together. It’s true, this might be a once in a life time oppurtinity for me where I get to visit a place that’s full of wonders such as this. Surely every second counts as a chance to cherrish the moment.


The cold breeze didn’t feel like a shock anymore thanks to the sun for popping out and coating us with its warmth, while I walk through a blossom of trumpet shaped flowers that flourish through out the field as my head wanders looking at all corners of the forest. Somehow it started to make me feel tranquil inside, the blue bells sure won’t disappear from your sight.

[picture of tall trees]

Oak trees stand tall bestowing a calm atmosphere in the air, like it’s telling me that they will protect anyone at all costs. Small lights linger from edges of the leaves finding its resting surface upon the blue bells. I thought maybe some mystical creature would come out and give the by-passers some sweet honey to suffice them.



I continued walking along side my cousin as we played around taking strange unnecesarry angle shots to live up to the crackhead culture name we’ve established- until our shoes finally catched up with my aunt I call Bunda Menik who had been waiting for us mid road the whole time my mind’s been floating above in the sky astonished with the infinite lush of blossoming blue bells.


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