Journal – Zero Waste Adventure

Do you feel upset when seeing garbage lying around in such beautiful places?

Have you ever thought of the huge impact it would make just by throwing away a tissue or an empty plastic bottle not in its place?

Do you think we need to change this?

That is what we’ll be doing in our Expedition to Halimun Mountain with Pramuka Penggalang Oase! But wait! Not so fast~ before that penggalang Oase were all invited to join a seminar with Kak Siska Nirmala or also known as Kak Pieta. An amazing person who has hiked to many mountains ever since 2013 without bringing any waste at all!

This is also one of the requirements for us to join the expedition. The event was held in Ibnu Chaldun University at Rawamangun Street at the 28th of March 2018. She also made a book about her trash trash free travels called “Zero Waste Adventure” I was also given the honor in becoming MC before the discussion about Zero Waste started! Which was a really great experience for me.

We started with the reason why Kak Pieta decided to go on this Zero Waste adventure. In her talk with Kak Lala (the MC for this session) Kak Pieta mentioned that she has been travelling to 5 mountains in the span of 3 years since 2013 – 2015. The mountains were Gede mountain, Tambora mountain, Papandayan, Lawu and Argopuro mountain and just like she mentioned in her book all of them had it’s different environmental problems with trash.

And because of this she felt the motivation to change this bad habit. Ever since then Kak Pita decided to go on hiking without bringing any supplies that could potentially lead to trash, basically the non-organic stuff (such as plastic, cardboard, tissues ect.)

One of the other mountains she traveled to is Rinjani mountain, one of the most beautiful mountains in Indonesia! But because of the amount of trash people create trough out their hike ehh… Sadly.. not so much.. There are so many trash through out the path that it makes you sick just by looking at it, and it doesn’t end there. The pile of garbage is also hidden beneath the ground! So if you try digging it you can see the second layer of garbage under the dirt.

This is why Kak Pieta shared a more efficient way in bringing food or supplies without producing trash!

 — Bring Natural Food —

Fruits and vegetables are always a good idea to bring! The snacks that Kak Pita brought are mostly fruits such as apples or oranges. Aside for being eaten, fruits can also be used to create infused water.

— Supplies —

Supplies are the most important things you need to think of especially the stuff you’ll be using to bring the food. Containers are great for bringing food supplies and water that way if you’re to lazy to bring the trash just use a container that can be reused.

— Energy Food —

Chocolate and Palm sugar is also said to be useful for restoring energy just like what my dad always says. But make sure the chocolate isn’t inside a packaging.

A lot of the questions Kak Pieta get when bringing only containers for supplies is, is there enough space in the bag? Well, it’s honestly quite relative. When hiking together one person will bring 2 containers inside their bag and she mentioned it’s quite enough for the days she’ll be spending hiking.

Thank you for sharing your experience with us Kak Pieta! It surely was very interesting to listen to~ one of the things I really like about Kak Pieta is the way she persuades others to do zero waste. She doesn’t wait for others to do it nor order them to do it with her, but she’s the one who begins the action first! And that’s something not many people have I’m glad a lot of people became interested in it.

I’ll try doing this method though it’s going to be a bit challenging for a person who still relies on plastic– huehuee– but like what Kak Pieta said doing zero waste takes time. She doesn’t expect us to do it instantly, everything happens gradually and slowly I’m sure we’ll be able to save our country from the increasing rate of trash.

Once again Thank you Kak Pieta!


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