Camping trip to Kampus IPB!

On the 21st of March 2018, we penggalang Oase went on a two days one night camping trip to Kampus IPB! (Institut Pertanian Bogor) I wouldn’t say it’s a camping trip since we all stayed inside a house*AHEM* the activities were so good and really fun to do! So keep on reading to find out! 😉



Day 1 – An Unexpected meeting?

“ugh.. What time is it…?” I asked my mom with a tired look on my face, like always 😛 the time showed 5:30 am when my mom woke me up so I can get ready to head to Tebet Station and meet the other gangs! I prepared my stuff as well as texted Tata to remind her that we’ll be meeting up at the station.

My dad dropped me off in the entrance of the station and my mom accompanied me through out the whole train ride. I think I was the only one who was accompanied by a parent haha! I didn’t mind cause my mom and I are very close. =u=

We tried looking for Tata as we entered the station but there was no sight of her. She might still be on her way I guess..? So without any wait I decided to call her right away so we wouldn’t miss too many trains 😛 It turns out she’s already outside of the other entrance barrier to the station I had no idea where that is plus the announcements from the station was really loud making it hard to hear her voice on the phone. Tata said she was having a problem with the security because of the long scout stick she’s going to be bringing. Those kinds of related stuff that potentially can also become a weapon aren’t allowed inside the train, welp we might have a problem here. :/

I handed my phone to my mom since I thought maybe she might know where her location is better. She told me to stay where I am while keeping my huge heavy bags company while she looks for Tata so we can maybe help. I kept my full sight at my mom from afar.

A few minutes later I saw my mom talking with a security she must’ve found Tata! I approached mom and she was already with her. Since the scout stick isn’t allowed during the train ride we kept it with the security and my mom will pick it up for Tata tomorrow as we come back from Bogor.

After everything’s settled our train to bogor arrived and we all went aboard!


I asked Tata if Hibban is coming with us since our first plan was for the three of us to ride to bogor together but it turns out he was still on his way to the station and texted us to go on ahead. I was lucky to get a seat inside the train cause my shoulders are hurting so bad from the weight I’m carrying hehee.. But Tata didn’t get one so I felt bad in the same way- Bogor Station was the final destination (wow that rhymed-) so we passed a lot of train stations on our way. After a few of them, we stopped at Buaran Station and a couple of people went in. After the door of the train closed and my mom who was sitting in front of me exclaimed “Hey isn’t that Kaysan and Alev over there?” I WAS SHOOK! 

“Really??? Where??” My eyes starting searching around to the direction my mom is pointing at. But there were quite a lot of people so I couldn’t see through clearly. I told Tata there might be our friends that just boarded the same train with us. She walked forward and my mom was right! Kaysan and Alev were there!

“Woah this sure is Unexpected! :D”

Tata went in to say Hi to them while I stay in my seat until there are less people standing. I moved to where my mom was sitting as the other passengers got off the train and greeted Kaysan and Alev. Soon I noticed that Tata was getting farther to the corner of our train “What’s she doing?” it looked like she was talking to someone…

As I looked a bit closer I was right! More of our Oase friends boarded the same train! I was so surprised and happy at the same, it’s like the universe brought us together in this one train or something. 😛

I wanted to move to where they’re sitting but the corner seems full so I just stayed with my mom, I waved to them instead. Almost the whole entire gang was with us! Ratri, Michelle, Agla, Abel, Ziel and even more! It’s great that we coincidentally met each other.

After around 30 minutes we finally made it to our destination! Bogor station. There were still a couple of our friends who are still on their way here, so we waited for them while some of the others decided to wait outside the entrance station. You could say I became the Welcome Squad 😉

Since my mom was the only adult there she became like our mentor for the meanwhile haha! While waiting she took a couple of pictures and reported to the mentors that we made it to Bogor safe and sound.


WhatsApp Image 2018-03-23 at 03.49.46 (1)

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-23 at 03.49.48


More of our friends started coming and even our mentor Kak Dinda too! After everyone is complete we went outside the entrance and met the others. “I don’t think there were this many people with us in the train” the amount of people increased and that’s because not all of us rode the train to Bogor. Anja and Katya’s home is already in Bogor so they were already waiting at the station ahead of us.

I said goodbye and parted with my mom. Everyone left the station and rode an Angkot to the University which is the place we’ll be staying at and where all the fun begins! We exchanged Angkot one time so we rode it two times.

We made it to the place around 10 am(?) but we also had to walk a couple of miles to the place we’ll be staying :/ my back felt like it’s about to collapse from the heavy bag I’m carrying but I managed to keep myself in shape until we reached a simple house.


Entering the Forest~

After unpacking our things, pray dzuhur, eat lunch and even played with a Dog named choki! (or coki chokey? I don’t know how to spell his name haha–) This dog is gonna be important as we go along so keep him in mind 😉 we finally started our first activity today! We played a mini quiz made by one of our mentors before we started and I had no idea how to answer them all ahaha- most of the questions are about the names of the places in the university area. The place we’re staying at is called Mahogani by the way.



After that our first activity begins! And that is finding an animal’s footprint~ our mentor taught us the basics on what to do when finding animal footprints and how to keep it safe as well as printing it out with semen. Once everyone understood what to do every group is equipped with a camera, binoculars and a net to catch butterflies! We’re all set and ready to go!


   WhatsApp Image 2018-03-23 at 03.50.00


The route my group Katelia will be going is the forest near Masjid Al-Humariah with our mentor Kak Pawo (I don’t remember the name of the forest-) Once we made it to the entrance of the forest the trees beside it had huge long vines that almost looked like you’re about to go on a wild movie forest adventure! I was already feeling the excitement! As we went inside there were a lot of strange looking plants and animals I’ve never seen before we walked slowly and surely since the road was quite uneven as well. The trees were very huge making it block the sunlight but the air was really fresh and it definitely smells good huehuee-

We stopped sometime to admire the plants and insects while Kak Pawo explained about them. I gotta say one of our friends Khansa is quite a smart cookie~ she knows almost all the names of the plants and explained to us full of passion. Not too long, the road we walked on made it to a clearing, Kak Pawo told us to spread out and find the footprint. Then we spotted a cover on the ground, without hesitation we opened it and….


At that moment I didn’t know whether I should be excited or just scared and freaked out like “THERE’S A TIGER ROAMING AROUND HERE???” but then Kak Pawo mentioned it was all a set up haha! The mentors intentionally put it there for us to find it. I was hoping it could be real- but there would be a lot of consequences if it were.

We then started pouring semen to the footprint while I was admiring the view with the binoculars. Oh yeah! And still remember the dog Choki? He followed is all the way inside the forest! Oh my god he’s such a cutie being loyal and just following us where ever we go! That’s what makes him important in our whole trip.

I looked around the place with Khansa hoping we’ll be able to catch something flying with the net we’re given. We faced a couple of attempts with butterflies but failed to catch them- I even did my Cock a doodle woo chicken noise for no particular reason and guess what? It actually got answered by a bird somewhere in the trees hahahaaa! I thought it was hilarious!


Once were finished pouring the semen to the tiger’s footprint we continued our way to the exit of the forest. There were a lot of small insects lying here and there and odd looking plants that made my interest peek even more to this forest.

It was starting to get late and my tummy growling huehuee.. My two feet felt like it just couldn’t take me out anywhere anymore- thankfully the walk from the forest exit to the house we’re staying at wasn’t that far and I could finally sit down and take a break from the long walk.

Our mentors offered us to order some food from a Warung Nasi Padang and we all agreed. Each person gave 15.000 rp for the food and Ratri with another one of our mentors went to buy while me and the others wait using our time chit chatting and taking a break before the next animal observation begins.

Ratri came back with food and gave each and every one of us our order. We went upstairs to the hall and ate. The chicken I ordered turned out to be pretty small compared to other chickens I’ve eaten from other Warung Padangs the others got really small chickens as well. It was really funny considering the amount of rice we were given was really big- but we managed to finish it all, I was starving anyways haha!


Walking in the Darkness

After all our stomachs were full Kak Pawo went to see us and told us to hurry up! The next activity is about to start! We went downstairs and the place was already filled with many people all set and ready to go on a night adventure! I prepared my bag, a flashlight and filled my water bottle since I’m gonna need as much as resources if we’ll be entering the same forest as we did this afternoon.

This time we’ll be led by a new mentor we call Kak Bambang an expert in handling the wild life such as reptiles. We introduced ourselves before we go and set of to face the dark forest.

The forest looked really different when at night time it’s really hard to see through the thick darkness without a flash light. Our main objective is to find a reptile and observe it, but one more thing… You also have to touch and even worse…hold it if you can.

Welp this’ll end well- Kak Bambang also told us that we won’t entirely know what to expect. Snakes might be roaming around the most at this hour so stay alert. We’re also told if we do manage to find one assume all snakes are venomous so no matter how brave you are tell a mentor first before doing anything else! That’s all we have to keep in mind.

I was starting to scared like what if something happens? We’re definitely throwing ourselves into a risky and dangerous situation now! But all negative thoughts aside we went inside the forest together.

Kak Bambang’s eyes searched everywhere for an animal that we might be able to observe. I tripped quite a lot of times on the way, the environment of the forest is surely different from when you see it at day light, It looks more ominous than ever.

My flashlight wasn’t as bright as the others so I don’t think I was quite any use in lighting way heh- at least I got to use it to light the road so I won’t trip or possibly step on a strange deadly creature- Nope we don’t want that to happen!

There weren’t many animals until we made it to the clearing, the same place we found the tiger footprint. Suddenly, something small was running on the ground! With Kak Bambang’s fast instinct he caught the creature in his hand and showed it to us. It was a gecko! In Indonesia we call it Cecak Batu or Javan bent-toed gecko in English and cyrtodactylus fumosus in Latin. (Woah that’s alot of names haha-)

We were lucky to have Kak Bambang react quickly! The gecko had a very unique motif for the skin, unlike the ones I see roaming around the walls of my house and it looked less disgusting too huehue. We were then asked to hold it one by one. Nobody was enthusiastic to even raise their hands except for Khansa who immediately asked Kak Bambang for her to hold it.

She was the first and the bravest to hold the gecko, I was really surprised like there was no fear for her towards the wild life and the most amazing part is when Kak Bambang was holding the gecko it looks like it was trying to let go of his grasp and just being cranky here and there but when Khansa held it, it became calmer and actually looks happy! She was also enjoying herself with the gecko.

Kak Bambang certainly didn’t forget about the others. He then asked the second person to try and hold it and it was Anja then the others joined in to including me.

I was a bit hesitant when it was my turn. It looked easy when the others were holding it but it’s way harder to do it yourself. So slowly and steadily I put my fingers on the body of the Gecko and held it softly.

The texture of the skin didn’t feel slimy at all. To be honest it kind of felt like touching a babies hand because of the small size and silky texture.

Once everyone tried touching the Gecko we went on ahead with our observation. We found many animals during our walk like Big Geckos, a Chameleon and even suddenly found a cat roaming around as we exited the forest. Pfft- Kak Bambang thought we just found ourselves a reptile-.

Sadly we didn’t find any Snakes or those kinds of dangerous reptiles for us to observe, but it doesn’t matter. We already have these cool animals that we encountered!

We went back to our staying place and recap while discussing about the animals that we found.

What is Sleep?

It’s time for us snuggle ourselves into our sleeping bags and have a good night sleep! But apparently that is not what happened- did we go to sleep immediately? Nuh uh! The room we’re staying at that was filled with group of girls is just as noisy as day light. Everyone was chatting, telling love stories and playing around like there is no tomorrow! Some of our friends managed to sleep but the majority of people were still awake.

The time showed 11 am. I was already starting to get sleepy. And the others turned of the lights and slept too. So I lied down on my mattress and without me even noticing I went fast asleep. I can still hear the two noisy dorks Khansa and Katya talking but I tried to not mind that- huehuee..

Soon after an hour passed Kak Dinda and one other mentor went inside our room to sleep and that’s when both Khansa and Katya stopped talking. And with me officially falling asleep.

[ Continue in Day 2 }

Photo Credit: Kakak – kakak sekala Penggalang Oase


































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  1. Good job trisha!!
    You have a good skill to telling something (and writing). There’s nothing else that i want to comment.
    See you in day 2 🙋

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