Day 2 – Farming and Cooking

“Nnnghhhh-“ I woke up at around 4:30 am with a tired look on my face, boi that didn’t feel like sleeping at all- what I only slept for like 3 hours because of the hard time sleeping I had last night. Despite that, I tried getting myself up anyway, Tata, Katya and Ceca were still fast asleep like a rock while Syifa and Khansa were already up. Suddenly Kak Sari appeared in front of our tent to check if our tent was doing alright since the rain last night, turns out the bottom wall of the tent was leaked because of the fly sheet making contact with our tent making it a bit wet. Kak Sari told us not to put too much stuff inside the tent so it won’t cause the leak again, we remembered that from then on.

After that, we woke Tata, Katya and Ceca up and went outside. The weather has gone extremely cold! Unlike the one we had yesterday it almost felt like on top of a mountain! (Our camping ground was on the feet of the mountain by the way)


“Hey Trisha! Do your chicken sound to wake the others up”

“Ahh okay okay!”

Since there were still some people who are asleep I released my inner chicken to help the others wake up XD


Some people were in shock and confused, didn’t know what to say about this weird girl who strangely could sound like a chicken in the morning XD while some laughed about. But it worked! Everyone got out of their tents one by one. Soon as everyone was there we went to Sholat shubuh berjamaah together. I forgot to bring my Mukenah so I had to wait for the other girls to finish with their sholat and borrowed it, sadly I wasn’t able to join berjamaah because of that X3

Once everybody was finished we head back to the camping ground and SLEE– oh wait that’s wrong-… NOPE! WE WERE TOLD TO HAVE MORNING EXERCISE TO FRESH’N UP (is that even a word? XD) OURSELVES yaaaayyy- sigh

The exercise was led by Husayn, Alev and Kak Opal! You can clearly see my pale and tired face during the whole morning. I was still half asleep and my body was drained by the cold air, BUT I STAYED DETERMINED and followed the exercise! >:’3


I didn’t seem to be sweating very much or you could say there was no sweat at all around my body- until the sun started to rise warming the camping ground. I was starting to feel more energized too!

Next since some of the people weren’t feeling so heat up yet, Kak Opal decided for us to play THE NEWEST ROCK PAPER AND SCISSORS GAME called

Rock paper and scissors evolution CUE THE EXPLOSIONS BOOM BOOM BOOM!

BOI I DON’T KNOW WHERE TO START XD This… Might be one of the weirdest but fun games I’ve ever played. Basically we have 4 forms: We first start off as an Egg, then “evolve” into a Snake once we win a match of rock paper and scissors. Win again and you evolve into a Clown and finally the last form into a God-


Buuuuut.. There’s a but- if you happen to lose in one of the forms you have turn back into an egg!

We all got so excited and search for a partner to match with! I turned into a God four times but got shoot into an egg again many times. Once Kak Opal announced the game has ended I was still in one of the lowest stages of the form which is a snake! As a punishment for those who didn’t reach to God form received around 8 – 20 push ups NOOOOOOOO! XD

But I didn’t mind though because the game got me really excited before it ended! I might play this at home with my friends and families as well haha! And make them do push ups at the end >:D


After we finished our morning exercise, we had breakfast with catfish and noodles(?) I think? Eeehh I have a pretty bad memory- XD but I remember being served with delicious food! Everyone else ate ahead of me since I decided to take a shower cause my whole body was filling itchy and sticky after not showering at all yesterday XD (well I did take a shower but you could say it wasn’t a official one)

Man I was so blessed when I got inside the bathroom! (nope-) Behind the toilet, a small frog was spotted frozen not moving an inch though I know it’s still alive, accompanied me through the whole bath with an uncomfortable feeling hanging around me. I tried ignoring it as much as I could but I couldn’t take my eyes of it! Thankfully I made it through the whole bath without the frog suddenly jumping on me or doing something worse 😀


I ate waayyy behind while some of my other friends were all set for the next activity! “Awh shoot! I gotta hurry!” Husayn and his friends were still in the same place as me washing the dishes, I was surprised myself he was willing to help! He later said because of the cold water it made him enjoy washing dishes more than it did at home XD haha! The water there is very refreshing!

Soon I rushed to the camping ground and took the stuff that I needed to bring. Worst case scenario I LOST MY KACU THAT WAS GIVEN LAST NIGHT WITH THE BONFIRE ACTIVITY Aaaah! I went in and out of the tent trying to find it but there was no trace 😦 Not long after our mentors called with the whistle meaning the next activity is about to start! Noooooo I was forced to gather without my kacu, my group was desperately calling out for me as well.

I stand in front feeling a bit guilty because I wasn’t able to lay out the responsibility of keeping my stuff well- the lead groups were asked for the reports of the lost things that our members of the groups might have, I didn’t think I would be one of them

As if I lost all hope- Kak Putri was there to back me up! Giving her kacu up for me “AAAAA THANK YOU SO MUCHHH!” Man I felt so happy my feelings were saved by her XD


Organic Farming!

Okaayyy no more problematic situations- XD The day we make ourselves feel like farmers is about to come! Were gonna be learning about organic farming! Which means everything will be completely natural

We started following our mentor and guide in a line according to our groups, I didn’t expect the farming place to be this big! We were introduced to a couple of vegetables and fruits as we go around the field, even the ones I’ve never heard before such as the rare ones. There were some obstacles around the touring but I think it just made the activity more adventurous!

We also were educated about the growth process starting from Composting, Seeding to Planting we get to experience it ourselves what it felt like doing them!

After feeding the goats and petting the bunnies (which are the source for composting, I’ll get into this later) we also got the chance to make manure ourselves! Boi it was absolutely disgusting- XD we mixed Goat poop with chicken poop together and later water them. It wasn’t as smelly as I thought it would be, they smell just fine to be honest XD unlike mine–

For making manure you need animals that are herbivores which means they only eat grass, vegetables or plants ect. Because if we use the droppings from carnivore animals or omnivores like us humans, the seeding process wouldn’t be affective because of the amount of protein that may make the process harder to finish. And won’t finish.

After watering the poop- we covered it with tarpaulins and leave it for a month. It’s quite a while but the end result won’t dissapoint you!

Before going straight to my favorite part which is planting we moved to the Seeding part next and learn how to make Bekong! Oh yeah! We the Edelweiss group was also given a task to make explanations for the seeding part after the activity is finished, the other groups were also given the same task but for different parts such as composting and planting. Alright back to the seeding!

. . .

What is Bekong? (to be honest i kinda forgot what the name is lol) Bekong is a little, round kind of like a pot but the outer part is made out of banana leaves with dirt inside it, it’s the place for you to put the seeds of vegetables or green plants in before moving it to the larger field.

It almost felt like making clay if you ask me! Everyone made lots of bekong with rolling the dirt into small balls and putting it inside the 30 cm banana leaf that can still be shaped, then stick a tooth pick in the two ends of the banana leaf so it won’t be seperated.

The people from the other scout communities were really getting in to it! I ran out of materials to make the seeding place so I just rolled tiny balls of dirt with Adinda just for fun haha! XD In winter we have snowball fights but in Indonesia…. We have DIRT BALL FIGHTS–

Clearly I was the most unhelpful one in that situation- XD

After the amount of bekong was more than enough we put the seeds inside and let it grow for about 3 – 4 weeks.

. . .


Last but not least, it’s time for us to go planting! It turns out we were already facilitated with ready to plant lettuce! So all we had to do was make little holes in the dirt and place them in 😀

Spicy chefs


After finishing the touring we went to the lettuce farm that were fresh and ready to be picked and took them back to our camping ground. We were told to do trading with others and cook something with the lettuce we had as well

I’m quite unexperienced with cooking or you could say I don’t cook at all so I let my other friends become the masterchefs and decide what to cook XD

Sintia and Hilda suggested us to make Lalapan and everyone agreed with that idea! Anja prepared the cooker and it even almost exploded because we set the fire to high XD and I pretty much became the staff of the cooking team- I went back and forth from the kitchen back to the camping ground to get the ingredients and stuff for our dish. The hardest was when I had to carry an Ulekan all the way to our team cause they decided to add SOME CHILLI SAUCE TO OUR FOOD!

But seriously Sintia and Hilda are amazing cooks! They said they always helped their mom at home to make food, no wonder their absolutely great at cutting those onions. I took no place in the cooking and instead just watched chef Anja making scrambled eggs with chef Khansa preparing the lettuce. Once we were finished making all of them THERE’S ONLY ONE THING LEFT TO DO


One of the mentors who is also the guide in the farm touring got interested to what we were making, so she decided to help mixing the spices with the Ulekan. It was almost like an entertaining show XD she just kept adding and adding the chilli and spices so much it’s gonna make our tongues burn XD

Finally the chilli sauce is done and it became a number one favorite to the mentors pretty quickly XD eating the lettuce with a touch of spicy! But the kids didn’t enjoy it very much, they said it was too spicy for them XD The other groups also made astonishingly delicious dishes! And it was all served for our lunch that afternoon, everyone had a great meal tasting each others dishes!


Building a Carton Castle!

Once we all finished lunch I was looking forward to a nice good rest but nuh uh! Turns out we were called by our mentors again for the next activity. Seriously though they have to make break times much longer! I went to the place where the next activity will take place, it was outdoors and all of the other groups has already gathered there. Were going to be making a carton castle with Baba sanjay! A profesional in creating art like buildings and houses out of carton. We were given a task to make our own building out of a carton, every group was given the steps, measurements and shapes but it was still quite a challenge to follow

We started from drawing the walls, ceiling, windows and floor of the castle on a rectangular carton and drew it down according to measurements of the blue print kinda paper we were given. It was the seriously the hardest thing we’ve done so far in these activities- we suffered from not getting an accurate result of the size and was forced to redo it many times Khansa was the expert at this so she’s the one who did mostly everything! We were dissapointed that we had to the redo the measurements just because of the slight mistakes! Eventually everyone started to get tired and I was feeling pretty doozy myself. But luckily Kak Sari made a back up Carton that was already drawn with the perfect shaped! so we used that instead.

The shape cutting.. Boi The shape cutting was the most stressful one– Anja and Khansa screeched if we made just one itsy bitsy tiny mistake with cutting out the shape like man just chill! XD It’s like the end of the world was about to come. Espercially to Syifa, she desprately wanted a turn in cutting so badly so we gave it to her and told her to be extra careful too. Finally after so much shouting and struggles we glued the pieces together and THE CASTLE IS FINALLY DONE AAAAAAAAA

We were the last ones to finish It took us 1 and a half hour to finally finish so we screamed so hard at the end XD like we’ve just been blessed with freedom! Well, literally- Anja and Khansa were the most relieved. So, we gathered our carton castle to the mentors and went back to the camping ground.


3 Skills you have to own as a Scout

There are 3 skills as a scout that you have to own:

Navigation, Archery and Tali temali (I’m not so sure what the english is X3)

Kak Irwan first led and taught us how to Navigate, then continued with Archery with one of the other mentors, and last learning how to make tali temali such as the jangka and the pangka tali with another one of the mentor then tested our skill in making a stretcher.


The most Memorable moments

Night time has come and it’s time to perform our last activity today which is literature! We gathered in the aula and every group will get a chance to talk, sing, make a poem, perform drama or even do all of them about their experience during these 2 days camping trip! Every group is mentored by one person and has around 45 minutes to prepare.

We were mentored by Kak Putri of course and she interviewed us one by one asking what our favorite activities are. Most of us including me mentioned the Bonfire so we made a decision to make a Drama + Speech and Poem about it. We quickly made a plan and reharsed our idea before the time runs out.

TENG! Times up! The MC informed us as we immediately start the literature show! My heart was beating and getting nervous because I will mostly be the one talking in this performance. They said this show will also be judged so it made 10 times the pressure for me! But I stayed positive and went along with. We got the last turn so we enjoyed the performance from other groups first and they were all so freakishly hilarious XD

It’s almost our turn! I quickly remembered the points I wanted to say and head to the stage as we showed our groups yell yell before starting. Sintia and Hilda became the background people while Zalika became the heating fire! Syifa was the sound effect (being the cricket and wind) I started as we dramatically open our show with a collaboration talk between me and Anja as I continued with expressing my feelings towards the Bonfire activity we had last night. And finally, the speech was closed with a little poem from Khansa.


The literature show ended succesfully! I thought I could’ve don better in my part but as long as the others enjoyed our show I’m happy with that 😀

The quite tents

It’s almost 9 pm everyones energy were drained by the many activities we did today, I changed my clothes and immediately went inside the tent with my friends and finally we can sleep. Tata suggested if we could tell scary stories first but everyone was tired and went fast asleep. There wasn’t even any sound from the next tent. I closed my eyes and finally slept as well, getting ready for hiking tomorrow~!


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