Camping here I come!

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Hiiii everyone! The trip we’ve all been waiting for has finally come! On the 23rd of March 2018, Pramuka penggalang Oase will be going on a camping trip with Kemping Ceria! With the theme “Love nature and care for eachother” held by Gudep 05-205 and 05-206 Jakarta so this event isn’t from Klub Oase, instead we will be meeting new friends from various Pramuka community!

This was my very first time going on a Camping trip in my whole life, I really wish I could’ve done it sooner but that won’t matter now! >:3

Alright let’s get on with the Story!


Departure to Loji Nenek:

I woke up at around 6:30 am with the faint sound of my mom trying to wake me up, because of my bad habit of sleeping late at night I rarely get to experience the morning sunlight :/ but that has changed! I got up and prepared myself as well as packing a few other things inside my huge and heavy bag before leaving, some of them include my Lunch box and Showering equipments, my dad also helped before leaving to the office.

Sadly because of the thick schedule he had to leave much sooner and couldn’t accompany dropping me off at the Gas station in Cipinang Muara which is our meeting point, I said goodbye and left to the place with my mom and grandmother where I’ll be meeting my other Penggalang friends there! It’s quite a surprise how my grandma also decided to join since it’s not really in her nature to do so haha.. I’m honestly really glad she decided to 🙂


As we got to the area we were’t sure where to Gas station was put, but since Rumah inspirasi which is also Tata’s house was somewhere around the corner we decided to stop by, hoping there would be someone to help us with the way

Luckily we met Yudhis! Tata’s older brother who is about to walk by foot to the gas station, and since my mom and I had no clue where the place was, we offered him a ride and in exchange he pointed out the direction to the meeting point 😀

As we arrived at the gas station the place was already filled with many kids, parents and even mentors all set and ready to go! The mentors helped us get our bags and stuff inside the Tronton truck which is the transportation we’ll be riding to Loji Nenek, it almost looked like a military truck if you ask me!

We waited a couple of minutes for the others to arrive, soon as everyone else gathered our mentor Kak Andit who is also the ceremony leader for every Pramuka activity told us all to form a line for every group, I was in the 2nd group of girls, one thing I was confused at that time was one of our friends from my group hasn’t arrived yet which is Anja but it turns out we’ll be picking her up at Bogor as we go along the way 🙂

Kak Andit told us a few simple rules and manners so we behave well during camping, one of the things we have to remember is A.S.K which stands for  “Aman” (Safe) “Santun” (Well mannered) and “Kerjasama” (Team work) I’m still new to these kinds of things so I’m doing my best to remember them

After that everyone boarded the tronton truck and said goodbye to their friends and families, there were a total of 26 people (wOAh so mANY) as well as 5 mentors who will be accompanying us, Kak Cumeww, Kak Pras, Kak Evan, Kak Sari and Kak Opal since the truck seats wasn’t enough some of the mentors had to sit on the ground, while some  people took turns sitting down and standing up, but they didn’t mind that everyone was more excited for what this fun trip has in stock for us!

Along the way I thought it’s going to be a peaceful and long ride since it’s a 2 hour drive to the destination.. But NOPE I WAS WRONG!


The truck was filled with many loud children! With laughs howling all around the place, especially for the guys at the other corner of the truck they were extremely loud, when we left there weren’t many people talking to eachother yet but it eventually got crowded and crowded as we get closer to our destination XD and I just loved it hahahaha! When the atmosphere is getting quite we started singing many genres of music like traditional, western (and even commercial music i dont even know why i laughed so hard at that omg) but the main one of course is. And always will be. K-pop. Tata, Ratri, Katya and me enjoyed singing it so much we never get tired of it haha!

Not long after entertaining ourselves with singing we finally made it to the camping site at Loji Nenek! It was around 11 pm when we arrived. Everyone helped each other get their equipments and stuff off the truck and immediately head to the Camping site!


~ * . * ~

Photo Credit: Orang Tua Pramuka Klub Oase



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